Stock, Shipping & Returns

Shipping is split into 3 main areas, Stock from Japan, Stock from UK and Samples

Stock from Japan is any tile that does not explicitly have ‘UK Stock’ in its title.

Sea Freight from Japan, directly to your project on pallets. This process involves 5 weeks at sea and then time either side with customs and local movements. This can take 8-10 weeks. The cost to ship to European destinations is £500 but please contact us for larger orders (45+ cartons) so we can get an exact price for you.

Air Freight from Japan - smaller amounts and express orders can be flown. Tiles are heavy so this is relatively expensive at £120 per carton. The actual flight is done in a few hours but customs and local movements either side can mean the tiles can take about a week to reach your project.

Stock from UK are specific tiles that we have some stock holding of and are the minority of options but represent our faster selling lines. The tiles that do have UK stock are identical duplicates of the original tile but with specific information regarding its stock status.

When ordering these tiles, please only select a ‘from stock in Japan’ shipping option.

UK Stock tiles represents the minority of choices but the majority by volume of what we sell. A tile with ‘UK Stock’ in its title is an identical duplicate of the Stock from Japan item but with specific information about the amount of stock we are holding in the UK. If the website does not allow you order from this variant, it means we do not have enough stock left to satisfy your order. If this is the case, please email us on or order using the non-UK Stock version and we will ship from Japan.

There are a number of options available to you, depending on the destination and number of cartons ordered.

UK Destinations can choose

Pallet shipping - £99 per order

Road Courier - £12 per carton (max 4 cartons, please select Pallet for 5+)

European Destinations have the following options

Pallet shipping:-

Netherlands, France, Germany, N. Ireland, ROI - £179

Denmark, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden - £250

Road Courier - per carton (max 4 cartons, please select Pallet for 5+)

Austria, Belgium, Germany, ROI, Luxembourg, Netherlands - £20

Czech Republic, France, Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain - £25

Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland - £32

Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Norway, Romania - £52


UK - Up to 4 samples costs £5, 5-8 samples £10.

Europe - Up to 4 samples costs £10, 5-8 samples £22.

If you would like more than 8, please select the Chocolate Box sample box and email us with your selection.


While we can and will accept returns for UK Stock Items, it is best for you to make the right decision about your tiles to start with due to high cost of your shipping them back. Tiles ordered from Japan are considered ‘Custom’ items and unfortunately, are not returnable.

Please email us on within 14 days of receiving your shipment if you would like to arrange a return.

You will then need to return them to our UK warehouse within the following 14 days.

The tiles must be received in their original, unopened, undamaged condition and packaging.

Within the following 14 days, we will issue a refund.

Full details will be provided upon request.