Japanese Tiles

Raven Style are delighted to be the Northern European Distributer for these traditional Japanese Tiles.

The manufacturer, INAX has fashioned a series of tiles founded on culture and tradition cultivated by the Japanese populace. Such tradition, culture, and technique passed down through the Japanese DNA have been carefully preserved, with the foremost affection and appreciation for nature. Japanese sensitivities to beauty include the spirit of omotenashi (hospitality), a timeless approach to beauty that may quite possibly be distinctively Japanese.

Inspirations from Japanese culture, tradition, and seasonal hues render tiles instilled with sensitivity and refinement by the Japanese people.



Traditional Japanese confection yohkan enjoys a deep, rich colour, whose expression may vary with seasonal hues. Japanese people portray seasonal changes in Japanese confections served at tea ceremonies. Like nature’s four seasons, YOHEN Border is a spectrum of subtle colour differences across every single piece. Enjoy the resulting balance in colour generated by random chance.



They are shaped individually like the crescent moon. Their spatial formation presents a laced arrangement evocative of roof tiling. Like the lyrics to the traditional Japanese children’s song, “Waves of roof tiles and waves of clouds,” CRESCENT Border arranges a primeval scene held in the hearts of Japanese people. The waves generate a tapestry blending into the scene—never still, always part of nature.



Japan is a nation richly blessed with water and seasonal pictures. Since ancient times, people have learned to appreciate nature’s emotions through the sun’s brilliance reflecting off of water: the white surface of water caressed with dawn’s mist early in the morning, the bright surface of water from daytime sunlight, the evening water’s surface dyed in crimson from the sunset, and the opaque water surface gently undulating in pitch-black darkness. SAIRIN captures these emotions of nature.