Bespoke Tiles

The creative nature of architects and interior designers generates a demand for what is not available…..

While our range of tiles is extensive, it will never be enough to satisfy every requirement.

To solve this, we have our Bespoke program, utilising the skills of the master ceramists of INAX in Japan to provide you with the exact shape, size, texture and colour of tile for your project.

The Bespoke program can be as simple as you want this shape of tile in the same colour as that other tile. All the way to complex restoration projects that need to replicate the effects of pollution on the replacement tiles.

Please email us on to discuss your project.

Minimum order vary but as a guide, Yuki Border can come in a bespoke colour from 100m2 and Yohen Border, 300m2.

Here are some examples of bespoke colours for the Yohen Border.